• Destiny-Rose Sparkle

    Hi everyone, 

    My name is Destiny-Rose Sparkle aka Jenn Price.

    The 'Hairspray Wiki' has been around since 2009. On July 26, 2009 it was created by user that is holding the position of admin at the moment 'Gatorgirl567 '. Now this is bad as he/she has only made 3 edits since they created this wikia back in 2009. This is unacceptable as the admin is meant to be the most active person/user on the wikia which 'Gatorgirl567' has not met these "admin" expectations or standards based on the Fandom Wikia Rules. As a result the wikia could be deleted for good as the "inactivity" of the former admin currently. I have sent 'Gatorgirl567' a message on their message wall but they have not replied.

    Since I am the most active user on the 'Hairspray Wiki' at the moment …

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